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Joining CISC for your career offers a remarkable opportunity to contribute to accelerating the green energy transition while embarking on a journey of continuous learning, exploration, and personal development. Since our establishment in 2018, we have successfully attracted talent from the expanding renewable energy industry, as well as young talents directly from universities. At CISC, we are recognised for our efficient decision-making processes and pride ourselves on being flexible, approachable, and results oriented. 

By joining our team, you become part of a dynamic environment where you can have a meaningful impact, and contribute in driving the transition towards sustainable energy. We foster a culture of continuous growth, providing opportunities for personal and professional development, while actively contributing to the collective goal of creating a greener future.

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We dedicate significant time and effort to meticulously recruit the most suitable talent for our organisation. We closely monitor our hiring plans to ensure they align with our strategic objectives. Our recruiting process encompasses a comprehensive approach that includes a combination of qualitative and quantitative tests, thorough candidate assessments, and rigorous background checks. Through our thorough selection process, we strive to build a talented and cohesive workforce that can contribute to our long-term vision and mission.

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Analyst/Student Programme

We offer an Analyst Programme tailored for Bachelor's and Master's students, providing them with valuable opportunities for development. Through this programme, we support their potential transition to full-time employment. Our Analysts work collaboratively alongside our full-time employees, fostering an integrated work environment. This initiative serves as a robust recruitment channel for junior positions across all teams within CISC.

At any given time, we have a large dedicated group of Analysts who actively contribute to our projects and operations. Upon graduation, these individuals are offered full-time positions if they have demonstrated strong performance during their time with us. This programme not only allows students to gain practical experience and grow their skills, but it also serves as a talent pipeline for our organisation, ensuring that we attract and retain promising young professionals.