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At the heart of our operations is the proficient management of greenfield energy infrastructure projects. With a primary emphasis on offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, battery energy storage systems (BESS), Power-to-X, Waste-to-Energy, and other renewable technologies, our expertise spans across diverse segments of the industry, also covering grid and transmission services. This extensive knowledge empowers us to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of green energy projects with unmatched proficiency and success.

Offshore and Onshore Wind

Wind energy represents a clean, abundant, and cost-effective source of power. It stands as one of the most economically viable options for electricity generation in numerous countries worldwide, playing a pivotal role in the transition towards sustainable practices.

Since the inception of the first offshore wind farm in the 1990s, we have harnessed our industrial expertise to develop expansive and intricate renewable offshore projects with significant impact, in close collaboration with Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP). Jointly, our extensive experience and special competencies make us strategically positioned to further assist Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and their diverse portfolio of offshore and onshore projects at various stages of development. 

CFXD – Taiwan 33
Wind Energy
Using wind to generate power onshore and offshore

Solar PV

Solar energy is a fundamental and rapidly expanding source of renewable power. Harnessing the potential of solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies, sunlight is converted into electrical energy through PV panels. This abundant energy can be utilised for immediate electricity generation or stored in batteries or thermal storage systems for later use. Solar PV technology plays a vital role in advancing the adoption of clean energy and offers versatile solutions for sustainable power generation.

An aerial image of the solar power plant Sage located in Rich County, Utah in the United States.
using the potential of solar photovoltaic technologies


Power-to-X technology plays a pivotal role in realising a carbon-neutral society while meeting the ever-growing energy demands. The Power-to-X projects are large-scale industrial electrolysis technology plants, operating at the gigawatt level, to produce hydrogen and ammonia. This breakthrough allows for the decarbonisation of sectors like transportation and chemicals, where large-scale renewable alternatives have historically been lacking. By leveraging Power-to-X, we are actively facilitating the transition towards sustainable and renewable solutions in previously hard-to-decarbonise industries.

HØST Esbjerg 04
facilitating the transition towards sustainable and renewable solutions

Advanced Bioenergy

Waste materials constitute a substantial and often overlooked resource for generating renewable fuels and energy. Waste wood, agricultural biowaste, household waste, and industrial biowaste possess the potential to be utilised in the production of biofuels, bioproduct precursors, as well as heat and electricity. Advanced biofuel technologies not only create valuable end products, but also enable the recirculation of nutrients, offering a sustainable alternative to the traditional incineration process. By tapping into the potential of waste materials, we can unlock both environmental and economic benefits, driving the transition towards a more circular and resource-efficient society.

An image taken inside a windmill from above, with several workers on groundlevel working on maintenance.
Utilizing waste materials
such as Waste wood, agricultural biowaste, household waste, and industrial biowaste

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Battery energy storage technologies are of paramount importance in expediting the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, assuming an increasingly vital role in balancing green energy supply and demand. These technologies serve as critical energy storage solutions, addressing imbalances between generation and consumption while facilitating seamless integration of renewables into the power system.

In collaboration with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), we are actively developing a portfolio of battery storage facilities in the United Kingdom. These facilities are designed to alleviate energy transmission congestion, paving the way for future expansions in renewable capacity and ultimately reducing costs for consumers. By harnessing the potential of battery storage, we aim to enhance the stability and efficiency of the energy grid while driving the widespread adoption of renewable energy sources.

Power Grid
Enabling the storage of excess energy
Bearkat I USA 03

Projects Built and Operated by CISC

Our core specialisation lies in the efficient management of greenfield energy infrastructure projects, where we have achieved a global proficiency in the field of green energy projects. Our primary focus encompasses offshore wind, onshore wind, solar PV, energy storage, Power-to-X, Waste-to-X, and various other renewable technologies. Through our unmatched expertise and extensive industry knowledge, we strive to drive innovation and deliver sustainable solutions across the spectrum of renewable energy.

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