An image of windmills situated by a trail in a hilly terrain with the sun in the background.

With our extensive project pipeline, specialised competencies, and ample technological and financial resources, we are well-equipped to make a substantial and impactful contribution to the green transition.

Our Role in the Green Transition

By assisting Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) in the development of successful renewable energy infrastructure projects CISC is participating in transitioning the global economy into a net-zero emissions scenario by 2050. The CIP funds that CISC provide services for, possess distinct strategies that tap into the main transition trends – which enables investments in the decarbonisation of both the power and hard-to-abate sectors.

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An aerial image of a solar power plant with the sun reflecting in multiple of the panels created  by Unicus.

How we build value for CIP

Working exclusively for CIP, we create value by enabling high-performing renewables through specialist competencies, proactive business development and mutual value creation with trusted third-party suppliers. 

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An image of a windmill in a misty environment with clear sky above.
An image of a woman standing in the front looking at a windmill park.


CISC’s objective as a service company is to create value for CIP, and high ESG standards are a pre-requisite to maximise this value.

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