Ways of working

Our proven track record as a trusted partner stems from our unwavering commitment to execution excellence. With a wealth of experience, a strong sense of responsibility, and robust competencies, we consistently deliver projects on budget and precisely to specifications.

Marina Hsu

Marina Hsu, Managing Director Taiwan

"As the Managing Director of CISC Taiwan I strive to create an intellectually motivating and positive environment, while working with our industry partners to continuously achieve our goals throughout all project phases across different technologies; offshore wind, geothermal, solar and Power-to-X. We work to strengthen CIP & CISC´s brand recognition in Taiwan through carefully calibrated stakeholder engagement.  
I am proud that CISC Taiwan has been awarded by HR Asia as one of the "Best Companies to Work for in Asia", for three consecutive years showcasing our commitment to the well-being and career development of our employees."

Experienced team

Our team is composed of exceptionally experienced professionals, each bringing relevant industrial backgrounds and a diverse set of skills to the table. With expertise in engineering, structuring and de-risking, construction and operation, as well as mergers & acquisitions, project financing, insurance and public affairs, we possess a comprehensive skill set crucial to the successful execution of energy infrastructure projects.

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Trusted partnerships

Our approach is built upon trust, reliability, and the mutual creation of value. Through our extensive network of longstanding industry partnerships, we collaborate with highly experienced and top-tier companies known for their excellence. This network allows us to foster strong relationships and leverage the collective expertise of trusted industry leaders, ensuring the delivery of exceptional outcomes for all involved.

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Operating at a high standard of ESG principles is at the core of our operations. Our projects are designed to have a positive impact on the environment, as we are dedicated to actively contributing to the green transition and addressing the urgent challenge of the climate crisis. Through our unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions, we strive to be part of the solution and drive meaningful change for a better future.

Execution Certainty

Our impressive track record speaks for itself when it comes to developing, de-risking, and constructing projects. Our meticulous approach ensures that every endeavour is completed precisely to specification, while staying within budgetary constraints and adhering to designated timelines. With a proven history of delivering successful outcomes, we consistently meet and exceed expectations in terms of project completion.

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