Our Role in the Green Transition

We are owned by the funds managed by Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), who all possess distinct strategies that tap into main trends in the green transition. Our objective as a service company is to provide value for CIP. Allowing for a fully sustainable perspective across all our funds is thus a pre-requisite to maximise on that value. 

The global shift towards green energy has gained significant momentum in recent years. Governments and major economies worldwide have made commitments to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, thus driving investments in clean energy infrastructure. 

This transition has been further accelerated by the need for reliable and affordable energy supply, as renewables have become cost-competitive compared to fossil fuels. Consequently, there are ample opportunities to scale up renewable infrastructure, leading to increased demand for clean energy solutions.

Required actions

To achieve net-zero emissions, renewable power generation must experience double-digit growth for three decades. This growth will be driven by decarbonising the power market, electrifying transportation, buildings, and industries, and the increasing demand for green power through Power-to-X technology.

Integrating intermittent power from solar and wind requires upgrading the electricity grid and utilising flexible sources like batteries for balancing and Power-to-X. Addressing current bottlenecks in the energy transition remains crucial for accelerating the pace of renewable build-out.

Join us in this transformative journey towards a sustainable future, as we overcome challenges and seize opportunities to rapidly expand clean energy sources and achieve our net-zero goals.

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CISC's Unique Position

The funds that CISC provides services for are dedicated to investing in renewable energy infrastructure projects that contribute to the global transition towards a net-zero emissions scenario by 2050. As the energy sector evolves, with continuous advancements and substantial growth in renewables, we remain committed to leveraging these developments. Through innovation and strategic investments, we seize attractive opportunities arising from the transition to net-zero. Our goal is to actively support the transformation of the world's energy landscape and drive sustainable progress.