Global Project Office

Global Project Management Office (PMO)

CISC PMO is responsible for standardising the project delivery model across the CIP portfolio. Effective Project Management is essential for maturing, de-risking and enabling successful delivery of all projects.
Martin Wittrup
Martin Wittrup Hansen

Strategic Supply Chain Management

The purpose of the CISC Strategic Supply Chain Management team is to work strategically across CIP funds and regions; develop a corporate supply chain strategy and identify critical supply chain challenges in the CIP project portfolio. Additionally, mitigation strategies and actions are implemented for specific procurement categories that have been flagged to be at risk.

Energy Management

Energy Management serves as the hub of excellence for route-to-market activities, with a focus on power generation & storage, gas, hydrogen, and advanced biofuels. Energy Management provides support to all funds across CIP throughout the whole project lifecycle, from the initial development stage to Final Investment Decision (FID), Operation, and Divestment. Energy Management is responsible for delivering price curves, offtake strategies, and deal structures to enhance the value of every investment.